Volume 1 - 2014

Shape of Liquid Bridges in a Horizontal Fracture

Morteza Dejam, Hassan Hassanzadeh, Zhangxin Chen
Publication date: August 2014
Page(s): 1-8
DOI: 10.11159/jffhmt.2014.001
Cited by: 7

Numerical Solution for the Boussinesq Type Models with Application to Arterial Flow

Alexander S. Liberson, Jeffrey S. Lillie, David A. Borkholder
Publication date: October 2014
Page(s): 9-15
DOI: 10.11159/jffhmt.2014.002
Cited by: 10

Chemo-responsive Shape Memory/change Effect in Polymeric Materials Based on Transport Phenomena

Wei Min Huang, Yong Zhao, Ji Liang Zhang, Hai Bao Lu
Publication date: October 2014
Page(s): 16-22
DOI: 10.11159/jffhmt.2014.003
Cited by: 7

Natural Convection and Entropy Generation in a Porous Enclosure with Sinusoidal Temperature Variation on the Side Walls

Iman Zahmatkesh
Publication date: October 2014
Page(s): 23-29
DOI: 10.11159/jffhmt.2014.004
Cited by: 3

A Well-Balanced 2-D Model for Dam-Break Flow with Wetting and Drying

Xin Liu, Abdolmajid Mohammadian, Julio Angel Infante Sedano
Publication date: October 2014
Page(s): 30-37
DOI: 10.11159/jffhmt.2014.005
Cited by: 2

Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer Performance of Flat Plate Solar Collectors

E. Ekramian, S.Gh. Etemad, M. Haghshenasfard
Publication date: October 2014
Page(s): 38-42
DOI: 10.11159/jffhmt.2014.006
Cited by: 19

Characterization of Inorganic Silicalite-1 Membrane to be used for the Separation of Greenhouse Gases

David Carter, Dean Kennedy, F. Handan Tezel, Boguslaw Kruczek
Publication date: November 2014
Page(s): 43-47
DOI: 10.11159/jffhmt.2014.007
Cited by: 3

Thermal Accumulation in a General Car Cabin Model

C.-Y. Tseng, Y.-A. Yan, J.C. Leong
Publication date: November 2014
Page(s): 48-56
DOI: 10.11159/jffhmt.2014.008
Cited by: 8

Membrane Characterization based on the Upstream Pressure Decay in a Dynamic Gas Permeation Test

N. Al-Qasas, J. Thibault, B. Kruczek
Publication date: December 2014
Page(s): 57-64
DOI: 10.11159/jffhmt.2014.009
Cited by: 2