Special Issues

Avestia Publishing creates special issues in various fields in its journals. Each special issue focuses on a specific topic in the field to present state-of-art information and to promote the rapid dissemination of knowledge within the scientific community and in the public. By doing so, Avestia Publishing aims to enhance the body of knowledge and to distribute high-level scientific literature to academia. For each special issue in all our journals, Guest Editors will manage all steps of the publication process. If you are interested in becoming our Guest editor and publishing a special issue in one of Avestia Publishing journals, or you need more explanation, please contact us at admin@avestia.com

Journal of Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (JFFHMT)

Special Issue: Recent Advances in Adsorption Technologies for CO2 Separation and Capture

Special Issue: Computational Modelling of Combustion Processes